Why Every Aspiring Poet Should Have Their Own Blog

Writing beautiful poetry is your passion. It makes you feel alive; it makes you thrive. But creating prose isn’t what it used to be. Poets no longer contain their stanzas within dusty notebooks and private journals. They’re getting shown to the whole world, and there’s not even a publisher involved. 

Self-publishing poetry can be cathartic, but who reads poetry books anymore? These days, people look at blogs more often than not. So, thriving poets need to turn their attention to emerging technologies if they want to remain relevant. Besides, hosting a blog of poems is one of the most rewarding things a creative writer can do. 

5 reasons why every aspiring poet should have their own blog 

A blog is an online discussion forum or informational website that acts as a virtual diary. On it, creators can write, draw, or design just about anything they want. They can even record videos of poetry being performed live and then share it with others. Here are five more advantages that every aspiring poet needs to consider: 

#1. Exposure 

If you’re like most poets, you get frustrated by having so many magic words come out of your head, only for them to be ignored or forgotten. And even if you’re not looking for a ton of exposure, getting noticed by people who can help your hobby turn into a career is always a plus.

#2. Expression 

You’ve got to express yourself, but writing everything down with pen and paper can be restrictive. Sometimes, you need a few fancy fonts and a touch of artwork to do some of the talking for you. That’s why blogs are such a blessing when writer’s block strikes or when you get in “the zone.” 

#3. Collaboration 

When you start posting your poems online, people start noticing. They also start commenting on your posts. Then, they start wanting to work together or see more of what you can do. It’s a positive snowball effect that ultimately results in you having more creative license and more meaningful interactions with others. 

#4. Record-Keeping 

How many times have you thought up amazing prose only to forget it moments later? That happens a lot when you’ve got a creative mind, but blogs can help you keep a record of it all. In fact, you don’t even have to publish your work unless you feel confident about it, and you can unpublish it again at any time if you change your mind. Learn where to begin a blog like this one for your poetry.

#5. Income 

Many people turn their poetry blogs into passive income by placing ads, using product affiliate links, or selling their intellectual property to the highest bidder. It may not make you rich, but at least your poems will be counting for something other than solitary spiritual solace and a source of melancholy. 

The takeaway 

Your poetry doesn’t have to go blowing in the wind when you put it on a blog. It just has to exist for the world to see (or not) while you play with the creative license afforded to you by technology.